How much does Kwik-Pay Payroll cost?

Kwik-Pay Payroll is free to use if you have one or two employees. You only need to purchase a Kwik-Pay subscription if you have to pay more than two employees.

Your initial subscription including your registration key will cost AU$100 and will be effective for one tax year. If you purchase a Kwik-Pay subscription within 3 months of the end of the tax year, the subscription will be effective to the end of the next tax year. There is no further charge for updates or support via e-mail.

Updates and e-mail support for subsequent tax years is charged at AU$100 per year, if paid using the purchase form at the Kwik-Pay web site.

How do I pay for Kwik-Pay?

Kwik-Pay is only available from our web site. If you wish to purchase a subscription or renewal, you must use our purchase form. We do not process credit card payments ourselves, but pass you to who processes the payment for us. After PayPal confirm your payment to us (which generally only takes a few seconds), we will make your registration key available on your Kwik-Pay account status form. Click the 'Member Login' link at the left of the Kwik-Pay web pages, enter your user id and password, and then click the 'Show Account Status' link which will be shown at the left of the web page.

Why so cheap?

Kwik-Pay is sold direct to you by it's author. There are no intermediaries adding their margin to the price. Also, Kwik-Pay is only available on the Internet, so you do not have to pay the costs of copying onto diskettes or CD, or the cost of printed documentation. All Kwik-Pay's documentation is built into the context sensitive help file. All you pay for is the development and maintenance of the software itself.

How do I update my shareware copy with statutory changes?

You do not have to buy an update for your shareware copy. Just download and install the current Kwik-Pay Payroll update. If you have two employees or less, your system will be upgraded to the latest release.

How much does a second or third registration key cost?

If you already have a Kwik-Pay subscription, and you operate more than one company and run both payrolls on the same machine, you can purchase a second registration key for AU$50 if paid using the purchase form at the Kwik-Pay web site. Just select 'Second Registration Key' on the Kwik-Pay purchase form.

There is no additional charge to renew secondary registrations, the one annual subscription of AU$100 will renew all your registration keys if paid using the Kwik-Pay web site purchase form.

Is Kwik-Pay Payroll secure?

Your Kwik-Pay Payroll data is as secure as you want it to be. By default, Kwik-Pay stores data in a Microsoft Access database and allows you full access to your data so you can analyse your data using other tools. You have the option within Kwik-Pay of encrypting the database and creating separate user logins with passwords that restrict access to specific functions within Kwik-Pay. Kwik-Pay has all the tools to allow you to make your data as secure as you like whilst still allowing you full access to your data, unlike other payroll systems that use proprietary data formats that only allow you to access your own data using their software!

  Kwik-Pay Software Install/Setup
Transferring Kwik-Pay from one PC to another

You will need to install Kwik-Pay on the new PC as if you were installing Kwik-Pay for the first time. If you have been using Kwik-Pay for several years you may have received several updates from Kwik-Pay Software. You should first install the file downloaded from the Internet.
After installing the software, you just need to copy your data onto the new PC. On the old machine, use the Kwik-Pay backup function (File, Backup Database on Kwik-Pay's menu) to backup the database files to diskette. Then on the new PC, start Kwik-Pay and use the restore function (File, Restore from Backup) to load your data. Then select File, Open Existing Payroll to open the restored database file.

Installing on a LAN for Multi-user access

Kwik-Pay's payroll databases can easily be shared between multiple users. You need only install Kwik-Pay on each of the client PC's on the network. Then create a directory on a shared drive to store the Kwik-Pay database files, and copy any existing Kwik-Pay databases to that directory. Then, on each of the client PCs, start Kwik-Pay and select File, Open Existing Payroll from the main menu. Select the shared directory using the file open window. That's all there is to it!
Note that Kwik-Pay allows multi-user access to all functions. It is possible to have several users processing pay calculations on the same database at the same time.

  Kwik-Pay Other problems
How do I edit a report layout?

Select the report as if you are going to run it. In the report selection form, click the Options button. The options screen has a file name and edit button for each section of the report. Click the Edit button, and then click the Edit layout button. See the 'Customise a Report' help topic for details on how to edit the layout.

Direct Credit file not created

Check pay group details screen EFT path is set to the bank software directory. If it is blank the file will be written to the Kwik-Pay directory.

Kwik-Pay displays and error message I don't understand

Additional error information can be found in the Windows application event log in Windows NT, 2000 and XP (select Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer), or open the file c:\windows\vbevents.log in Windows 95, 98 and ME with the NotePad utility.

Send an e-mail describing the problem, and including the text of any error messages to Include as much information as possible so we can reproduce the problem. If you are permitted, attach a copy of the zip backup file from Kwik-Pay so it is easier for us to reproduce the problem. Please note that all data sent to us is treated in the strictest confidence, and will be deleted as soon as the problem is resolved.
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