Calculates all types of payments and deductions

An employee's salary can be calculated from an award table, or an individually entered amount. You can customise the factor used to calculate a pay period's salary from an annual amount.


An employee can have up to three different pay rates, which can be derived from an award table or individually entered rates.


Each of the three basic hourly rates can be modified by a factor to produce overtime rates at time and a half, double time, or any other factor you wish.

Leave Accruals and Payments

Kwik-Pay has the ability to add leave entitlements to employee balances on the anniversary of the employee's start date, or you can accrue leave on a pay period by pay period basis.

When the employee takes some of their leave entitlement, you just add a leave payment to their pay calculation screen.

Taxable and Tax-Free Allowances

A number of taxable and tax free allowance have been predefined in Kwik-Pay. You can easily add more of your own. Each allowance can be based on the employee's hourly rate, the hours worked, a fixed rate per allowance or simply a cash amount you enter.

Employee Expenses

You can reimburse employee expenses in Kwik-Pay. The amount is paid tax free and is not reported on the employee's Tax Certificate.

Sub Contractors

Kwik-Pay does not restrict you to just paying employees. You can add sub contractors to your payroll and it will process VAT and Withholding Tax.


All the standard tax rates are built in with Kwik-Pay, and you can update them yourself if you wish. When rates change you will be offered an update to the software which includes the latest tax rates and enhancements to the system.

You can also override Kwik-Pay's PAYE calculation using a percentage rate of tax or a cash amount.

Employer and Employee Provident Fund Contributions

Kwik-Pay calculates both employer and employee provident fund deductions. Employer contributions are not used in the net pay calculation, but are included in the costing or general ledger report.

Multiple Employee Bank Accounts

An employee can have their pay direct credited to multiple bank accounts. You can direct credit either a fixed amount, a percentage of their net pay, or just the remaining net pay to any number of different bank accounts.

Third Party Direct Credits

With Kwik-Pay you can direct credit third parties with deductions from employee's pay. As a service to employees you could deduct insurance premiums or mortgage payments and include the transactions in your direct credit schedule. Processing multiple superannuation providers becomes a lot easier.

Employee Overheads

Overheads such as accommodation and company contributions on behalf of employees can be added to the pay calculation and included in the costing report or general ledger journals.

  Flexible Data Entry
Open Pay Period Operation

Reprinting one of a previous pay period's reports, or even changing a pay item in a previous pay period is as easy as selecting the pay date from a drop down list.

Modify Payslip Directly

In Kwik-Pay's pay calculation screen you just click on a button to add a payment or deduction to an employee's payslip. Changing an item is as easy as clicking your mouse button twice.

As each payment is added or changed, other payments and the PAYE are all calculated and displayed immediately.

Global Entry of Payments and Deductions

Kwik-Pay even has a feature to allow you to add a payment or deduction to every employee's pay with a single entry. Giving everyone a Christmas bonus or recording a public holiday can be done in a fraction of the time it would take in other payroll systems.

Transaction Scheduler

The transaction scheduler in Kwik-Pay provides you with a diary to remind you about notable events, such as an employee's pay review, as well as recording payments that occur at frequencies different from employee's pay frequency, such as rostered days off.

Import from Time clocks, Spreadsheets or ASCII Text Files

If you have an electronic time clock system, you can save hours by importing all employee's hours directly. Kwik-Pay's pay data import is so flexible it can collect data from Time clocks, Spreadsheet programs, or any other software capable of creating an ASCII text file.

  Creates Export Data Files
Direct Credit Schedule

Kwik-Pay will create a file of direct credit transactions for you to supply direct to your bank.

General Ledger Interface

All your payroll costs can be exported to your General Ledger system each pay period. Kwik-Pay's general ledger file can be created in a variety of formats for different general ledger accounting systems.

NPF Contributions

When you print Kwik-Pay's NPF contributions report, you have the option of creating a diskette of contribution data to supply to the NPF (this feature is pending NPF approval).

  Comprehensive Range of Reports
Customise Kwik-Pay's Reports Using Kwik-Pay's Built-In Report Editor

Any of Kwik-Pay's reports can be customised to look exactly the way you want.

Pay Register

The pay register report is your audit trail of exactly what was paid to each employee each pay period. Kwik-Pay will not let you open the next pay period until the pay register report has been printed.


You can print payslips on pre printed stationery, your own letterheads or plain paper. Kwik-Pay includes a report layout editor so you can customise pay advices and other reports to your own design. Kwik-Pay also includes the ability to email pay advices to employees, built-in at no extra charge.

Costing or General Ledger Journal

The costing report provides an analysis of payroll costs by department or job. By manipulating cost and expense codes you can customise the report to give you the totals you need to allocate your payroll expenses in your general ledger exactly the way you want them.

When the costing report is printed you have the option of also creating a file of general ledger journal transactions that you can import directly into your general ledger software.

Direct Credit Schedule

The direct credit schedule prints a list of all the direct credited net pays and deductions. With Kwik-Pay you can direct credit a deduction from an employee's pay to a secondary bank account for the employee, or even to a third party such as an insurance company if the employee wishes to have their premiums paid directly from their wages.

When the direct credit schedule is printed you have the option of also creating a file of direct credit transactions that you can submit to your bank on diskette or import into their software.

Coinage Analysis

The coinage analysis gives you a breakdown of number of bank notes and coins you need for all your employees who are being paid in cash. You can customise precisely what notes and coins to use and set the cash pays to be rounded to any amount.

Cheque List

The cheque list provides you with a summary of all employees who receive their net pay by cheque.

Leave Liability

All your leave liability is calculated and summarised on Kwik-Pay's leave liability report.

Pay History Summary

The pay history summary prints a report of pay's by employee in a form similar to a wages book. You can select any or all employees, and the pays within range of dates.

Payment History

The payment history report prints an analysis of any type of payment showing who received that payment, in which pay period with totals by employee. You can select any or all payments within any range of dates.

Deduction History

Similar to the payment history report, the deduction history report prints an analysis of any type of deduction showing who received that deduction, in which pay period with totals by employee. You can select any or all deductions within any range of dates.

Employee Details

Employee details can be printed using the employee record card report.

All IRC Schedules and Reports

Kwik-Pay prints all the information required for your IRC schedules. All you have to do is reconcile the totals and transcribe the amounts on to the IRC's forms.

  Easy Tax Year End
Print Year End Summary

The Year End Summary report from Kwik-Pay provides you with all the information you require to quickly and easily reconcile your payroll totals. It will only take a few minutes to complete all your tax year end chores.

Tax Certificates on Pre Printed or Plain Paper

Kwik-Pay will print Tax Certificates on plain paper on any laser printer.

  Industry Standard Software
Microsoft Access Database for MS Office Compatibility

All Kwik-Pay's data is stored in a Microsoft Access database, and therefore is easily accessible to authorised persons using any of the component software in Microsoft Office. Kwik-Pay is compatible with MS Access 6, 7 and 8, or MS Office 95, 97 and 2000.

Mail Merge Names and Addresses Using MS Word

Using Microsoft Word it is easy to create a mail merge list to print a letter to all employees, or a selected few. All you do is specify your Kwik-Pay payroll database as the data source, and select the employee names and addresses.

Include Pay History Directly in MS Excel Spreadsheets

Using Microsoft Excel's 'Get External Data' menu command you can retrieve your pay history from your Kwik-Pay payroll database to analyse trends and build charts.

Built-in Zip Compatible Data Backup System

Kwik-Pay's built-in backup and restore system safeguards your precious payroll data in Zip compatible backup files. Multiple payroll databases are as easy to backup as a single payroll, and all are compressed to minimise the time it takes to backup.

  Affordable, Easy to Use
Extensive Help Linked to Every Screen

On every screen in Kwik-Pay you will find a Help button which will give you a summary of what that screen will do and the information on it. When the cursor is in any individual field, you can press the F1 key to get a description of the purpose of that specific field. You will also find a Help menu, from which you can select options to search the help file for any topic that you interests you.
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