Introducing Kwik-Pay Payroll


Kwik-Pay provides all of the basic employer reporting requirements of the tax office in a form that is reasonably easy to set up and operate. In only a few minutes each pay period you can perform all of the tasks that previously took you hours using your old wages book and tax tables.

As with any payroll system, there are two separate operating cycles:

Pay Period

Tax Year

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Kwik-Pay Payroll Release History

Common Pay Items

Kwik-Pay is supplied with a number of common types of payments and deductions already set up.You should review the pay items provided and consider any extra you might require. You can find them by selecting View from the main menu, then Set up, and then Pay Items.

Note that you can define any number of different types of payments and deductions.

A description of some of the common payments and deductions that we have already set up for you follows.

Technical Overview