Recent Kwik-pay changes and other news
2 Nov 2017Kwik-Pay Fiji Payroll Closing Down
Due to technical requirements of other jurisdictions we regret that will be unable to continue development and support of the Fiji version of Kwik-Pay Payroll and we will not be creating any further updates for Fiji requirements.

21 Jul 2017Now Includes The Tax Rate Change Effective 1 August 2017
Kwik-Pay payroll now includes the tax threshold change effective 1 August 2017.

7 Nov 2016Kwikpay now requires Microsoft .Net 4.0
Kwikpay now requires Microsoft .Net 4.0 to be installed. If you are running Windows 8 or later, you already have .Net 4.5.

For versions Of Windows prior to Windows 8, you can download and install .Net 4.5 or .Net 4.0 from Note that if you are still running Windows XP, you will only be able to run .Net 4.0.

1 Feb 2016Change From Five Employee Limit To Two
For over 10 years Kwik-Pay Payroll has been free to use for up to 5 employees. Due to the increasing burden of software changes required by tax offices we are being forced to change the limit to 2 employees. From 1 Feb 2016, new Kwik-Pay Payroll users with 3, 4 or 5 employees will require a registration key.

If you are a book-keeper processing a number of payrolls, we can update your account so you can generate as many registration keys as you need for an annual subscription. Email to for more information.

29 Dec 2014Kwik-Pay includes the statutory requirements for the 2015 tax year
Kwik-Pay Payroll now includes the 2015 FNPF employer contribution rate increase to 10%

28 Dec 2013Kwik-Pay includes the statutory requirements for the 2014 tax year
Tax rates and electronic reporting for 2014 tax year are now included in Kwik-Pay Payroll

28 Dec 2012Kwik-Pay now includes the statutory requirements for the 2013 tax year
Tax rates and electronic reporting for 2013 tax year are now included in KwikPay Payroll

4 Jan 2012Now includes new Resident tax rate for 2012 tax year
Tax rates for 2012 tax year are now included in KwikPay Payroll

24 Dec 2009Now includes new Resident tax rate for 2010 tax year
The new tax rates for Fiji Islands residents are now included in Kwik-Pay Payroll

2 Jan 2009Interim Kwik-Pay Update Adds New Features
The latest Kwik-Pay update adds a number of minor enhancements. See our change history page (accessed from the Download page) for details.

14 Jun 2008Kwik-Pay Payroll now includes the tax rate changes from 1 June 2008
The tax rate changes from 1 June 2008 are now included in the Kwik-Pay Payroll.

9 Mar 2008Kwik-Pay Payroll now includes support for marital and other allowances
Kwik-Pay Payroll now includes support for reducing PAYE tax for the marital and other allowances.

9 Apr 2007Kwik-Pay now includes an updated look for Windows Vista
When Kwik-Pay is run on Windows XP or Vista it now displays its forms and controls using the Windows XP style.

4 Dec 2005Kwik-Pay bank interface extended for ANZ Fiji
Kwik-Pay bank interface now supports the ANZ Fiji DiskPay service.

6 Mar 2004Kwik-Pay Payroll 4.1 leave calculations enhanced
Kwik-Pay now has provision for the automatic generation of public holiday payments based on the hours the employee normally works on the day of the week on which the public holiday falls. This facility is also used to calculate the duration all leave spells from a start and end date.

24 Feb 2003Kwik-Pay Payroll version 4 is now available for download
Version 4 is a complete rewrite of our payroll to make it even easier to use and more powerful! New features include report layout editing, drill-down analysis of pay totals, SQL Server database interface, and much more!

25 Aug 2002Over-ride pay item percentage calculations
You can now enter an over-riding percentage rate in the pay calculation screen when entered a payment or deduction. The rate over-rides a percentage rate entered in the pay item set up screen factor, or a system percentage rate such as an FNPF contribution rate. Feature added in version 2.7.5.

28 Jan 2002Diary report error message (too few params)
Diary report error message (too few params). Fixed in 2.7.4

5 Jun 2001Implement date effective pay rates
2.7.2 Implement date effective pay rates

5 Jan 2001January 2001 tax rate changes
2.7.2 January 2001 tax rate changes

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